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I would lie if I told you my paintings were an accident of the subconscious. Or that they are deliberately painted the way they appear. Maybe it’s a little of both… just maybe. One thing I know for certain is that I do (deliberately) try to tell a story on each composition. Art should be like that, built like a short story, with a beginning, a plot and an end.

When people ask me what I was thinking when I painted a certain component on a painting, or better yet, when I get asked about the meaning of certain elements in a painting composition, I smile and think to myself, “he (or she) felt it.” I mean the spirit. Each painting, each work of art has its own spirit. I always answer with the truth, which is, that some of those elements got there out of nowhere. Or maybe they did get there from something or somewhere. Maybe they arose from spirit itself.

It’s true also that some of those elements came from the depths of my soul; from a certain state of consciousness: from the mind and from the brain. Some of those components are well planned from some kind of an array out of my eclectic brain and the intensity of my soul.

Here is what happened (or I think happened) on each of these pieces as I was painting them and while I was constructing them in my head before the fact.