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Naguales, Tonales and Other Spirits, celebrates the mystery, mysticism and idiosyncrasy of the first native peoples of the American continent in an artistic context. It is an exhibit that talks about the power of the human spirit and of those who dispensed of the telltale disguise of perception in rebellion to the three-dimensional plane of existence. Naguales, Tonales and other Spirits is an ontological and personal interpretation of the artist and does not have to do with a specific ethnological group but rather with the unification of all groups and all ethnic groups in an attempt to highlight the spirit and magic of the human being on an existential plane other than the one we know. In this environment where silence abounds, it is possible to perceive the dialogue in a kind of visual metaphor produced by palette knives and oil paintings where man, animal and the universe become inseparable, exchanging and adopting physical and mystical qualities with each other in an attempt to form part of the magnificent dream life is.

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