Great Migrations is an art exhibit that talks about movement—the movement of the animal species of the world, including men. It is an exhibit that talks about survival.

The animal instinct is a powerful force that drives insects, birds and larger animals to travel great distances in order to stay alive.

Whether it is walking away from draught to find water, running from danger when life is in peril, or moving away from the cold weathers looking for food or mating; animals use their survival instinct in search of a better place for the maintenance of their species.

Ethology and evolution suggest that man is an animal, an animal with instincts so powerful and wondrous that drive them to look for their own survival.

Man is at the tail end of this “Great Migrations” exhibit. It is the artist´s statement on humanity, in the understanding that animals behave this way for their own survival and for the preservation of their species.

Part of the Great Migrations exhibit as well as the entire exhibit has been at The Butterfly Pavillion, The Denver Art Museum, MSU Denver, CU Boulder and The Denver Art Society.